travel size face cleansers for normal to oily skin


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Perfect to take with you wherever you go. Never miss a day of nourishing your skin. Or perfect to start the transition to natural powder cleansers to see how wonderfully they work for your skin*. 


Combo 1 has in it  -
RANAWARA + MULETHI ~ Tejas Skin Glow
ROSE + SWEET ALMOND ~ Deep Hydration

Suitable for all skin types, including slightly sensitive skin. 


1) Tejas - Mulethi and Ranawara flower Exfoliating Cleanser cleanses and nourishes to reveal a clear, radiant, glowing complexion. Formulated with Indian ranawara flower, Indian sweet rose and botanicals,  this face cleanser offers astringent benefits to tighten and diminish the look of pores, while it effectively removes dead dermal cells and impurities, while also hydrating as it locks in moisture to revitalize and promote healthy, supple skin.

2) Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Cleanser gently washes away dirt, oil and impurities to promote a clear , hydrated complexion. Rose, almonds and orange work together to soothe and hydrate for calm, supple skin, by fighting against the damaging UV rays. This unique recipe works to diminish the appearance of visible signs of premature aging to restore a youthful, radiant look.


35gms each

How to Care for this product : Keep it away from direct sunlight. Close tightly after each usage.

Shelf Life : Since there are no preservatives, please use within 4-5 months. 

*the transition from conventional to natural cleansers will take awhile to show results, as the skin has to first detox from earlier chemical residue, if any. 


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