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anti aging eye serum with pomagranate and frankinsense oil


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Kamalnayan, meaning Lotus Eyes, a nourishing formula that harnesses the ancient power of Ayurveda to give you lasting moisture and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes.

Revitalizing frankincense and neroli essential oils prevent signs of aging, as exotic rosehip oil deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple. This formula  stimulates circulation, while invigorating the under eye area, slowly reducing signs of fatigue and puffiness, lightening dark circles and softening lines.

This luxurious blend absorbs quickly reducing signs of time and environmental stress, for a brighter and more youthful complexion.


How to Use - Roll-on a little oil onto your ring finger or directly onto the under-eye area and on upper lids. Then gently massage the area around the eyes using your fingertip, moving from outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Use daily, morning and evening. Use only in the evenings if heavy eye makeup is used during the day. Avoid getting the oil into the eyes. 

Key ingredients - oils of pomegranate, rosehip, frankinsense and neroli. 




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