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Our Story

Skinsense - Natural Luxury is the creative brainchild of its founder Rashmi Prithviraj, a certified Dhyana (meditation) and Yoga instructor, Wellness and Natural skincare aficionado.

She teaches yoga at her - Amrtatva Yoga Shala and formulator here at Skinsense .

Skinsense - Natural Luxury was born out of the belief that nature has the ability to satisfy all our needs - we just have to look a little harder! Rashmi's journey into natural skincare and yoga sealed her belief in this, making it her mantra. 

So, what do we do at Skinsense - Natural Luxury? We make natural soaps and skincare products by combining a few simple, yet potent, natural ingredients in a manner that draws their best into our skin. Its our way of drawing the essence of nature into our being.

We make Skinfood. If it's not good enough to eat, it's not good enough for your skin. 

"I remember, as a little girl, coming to Chennai for our summer vacations. My grandmother would always have bowls of herbal concoctions ready to use on our skin and hair. As she applied them on us amid screams and complaints, she would keep saying how good these were for our body. Those days were sheer bliss - so relaxing, so pampered. When vacations came to an end and it was time to head back home, the concoctions came with us! Anybody visiting us from Chennai would bring a parcel from my grandmother with, yes, concoctions!

We lived in the Middle East where the local women had wonderful skin and took extra care of themselves with all sorts of herbal pastes. There were numerous articles on skincare in the daily newspapers and tips from well-wishing local friends on their ‘secret’ skincare regime. I guess, one could say my foray into natural skincare took root sometime during these days. I actually first started making skincare when I was in school, many many years ago.

When I finally moved back to Chennai, adjusting to the Chennai climate was a struggle. I developed skin issues that subsided only with my own mixes. I finally decided to share my products about 8 years ago. I have gained loyal clients over the years but  I'm really quite a hermit, so there are a lot of people who have no idea I do this! 

Yoga introduced me to the wonders of Ayurveda. I've since used some of its herbs in new formulations." 

Our workplace is  surrounded by mango and  plumera trees with the constant chirping of birds and the occasional barking of the neighbourhood dogs. We hope to  pass on this  peace and  serenity to you, via our products.


At Skinsense - Natural Luxury, we have received many great reviews from loyal customers - it is this feedback that makes us proud and keeps us going.

Today is for certain, tomorrow is another day. We have lots of ideas - follow our story and join us in our journey!





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