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How much do Skinsense-Natural Luxury (SNL) soaps weigh?

We make large bars of 130-140gms. 
The molded soaps will be approx100gms.
The variation because , being cold-process soaps, they continue to lose water even after their curing time of 8 weeks. This only increases their shelf life.


Are SNL prices shown, inclusive of all taxes?

Yes, thats right. Our prices are inclusive of all government  taxes.


What is the shelf life of SNL products ?

As we make our products without preservatives, treat SNL products like you would food.
Use them as soon as you receive your order. Use them regularly and properly, maintaining good hygiene. Except for the soaps, keep the other products stored in the refrigerator to increase shelf life if you're living in a city with high temperature and humidity.
Use a clean spoon to scoop out the products for use, avoid dipping your fingers into the containers. 
All SNL products have a shelf life of 4 - 6 months (from date of dispatch from our workshop) depending on nature of storage and use.
Soaps are good to use for upto a year or more but there will be changes in aroma, color and hardness. 


Why are there sometimes variations in the soap and other products?

Being handcrafted, minor variations in size, shape, aroma and color is part of its uniqueness and sign of being a genuinely handmade product.
Because we use natural herbs and ingredients, the seasonal variations that occur in the ingredients sometimes show through in the finished product. But this is only a cosmetic effect and does not affect the nature of the product in any way. We take special  care to maintain the potency and effectiveness of each product we make.


 Why are many of your products Fragrance-free or Natural aroma? 

Many people cannot handle strong aromas, even if they are from natural essential oils. Rashmi Prithviraj, the Founder, also being one of them, started making these primarily with this in mind, as most products available in the market are overly scented and hits the olfactory hard. Our products have gained following for this reason too. Many with sensitive and problem skin benefit from this mildness.


  How long will SNL soaps last ?

Your soap should last for 30-40 washes if kept dry between each use. You can make it last longer if you keep it in a well-draining soap dish. Regarding shelf life, a bar will usually last about a year or two before the aroma fades and the oils lose their nourishing properties. It’s still good soap; it just won’t smell as nice. Some aromas fade quicker than others, like citrus and lavender.


How is SNL soaps different from other handmade soaps?

Most of the ‘handmade soaps’ you find in stores aren’t really handmade at all. They are made using a premixed, commercially manufactured base thats sold as soap flakes or noodles. This is called the ‘melt-and-pour’ method in soap-making, where the base is melted, colors, fragrances, etc are added for customization and then poured into a mold.
This makes a good-looking soap but how do you know how safe it is to use? Its finally no different , if not , worse than using a store-bought commercial bathing bar. This is because the soap-maker has absolutely no control over the chemicals used in the base.  At SNL, we make soap from scratch with oils and naturals that are much more effective in nourishing and moisturizing your skin.


How can I make my SNL soap last longer ?

Store your soap in a dry, cool and well-ventilated spot out of direct sunlight. Do not store your soap in your bathroom before opening, even though thats where it will be used eventually. Direct exposure to humidity is not recommended.


Why should I convert from using a store-bought soap?

Most commercial soap is not really soap but solidified detergent  that is often harsh and drying.  These soaps also contain a lot of chemicals like  sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, waxes, colors and other harmful synthetics like fragrances and anti-bacterial chemicals. Please read carefully the ingredients of any mainstream soap you use, and you'll immediately know what we mean.  In contrast, SNL artisan soaps are made using cold-pressed oils, raw butters, essential oils, herbs, milk, milk cream, forest honey and clays in small, controlled batches, using the traditional cold-process technique. This superior method of making soap preserves the natural properties of herbs and oils and the rest of the skin nutritive ingredients, thus ensuring that your soap is truly, naturally chemical-free.  
As per laws, unless soap is made the traditional way, like how we make them, they cannot be called ‘Soap’. Hence you will see many being called Bathing Bar, Beauty Bar and so on.


Can I also use it to wash my face ?

Yes, most definitely you can! All our soaps are formulated to be gentle on facial and body skin. SNL products are gentle on delicate facial skin unlike commercial soaps that leave you with a dry, tight and uncomfortable feeling. This happens because most of your store-bought soaps contain harsh synthetics, dyes  and fragrances with all the good glycerine removed from it. These stay on your skin even after the bath and create problems such as dry skin and allergies.
SNL soaps are full of naturally occurring glycerine that remain in the soaps and care for your skin.

 If  you have oily / combination skin facial skin, then we suggest you do a patch test first and then continue to use on the face. Sometimes, because of your skin already producing excess sebum (oil), these soaps, being full of oils , may not ne always suitable for oily / combination facial skin.


Can SNL soaps and products be used by men too ?

Yes, of course they can! Most of our aromas too are unisex.


Why does SNL soaps make my skin feel so amazing ?

Glycerin is a humectant, meaning that it is a substance that draws moisture from the air. Glycerine helps hold this moisture on your skin and this along with our herb infused base oils , is what is responsible for that amazingly soft feel on using a SNL soap.


Why does my soap sometimes have water drops on it and damp to the touch ?

These drops are from a phenomenon called “sweating” and is normal during humid weather. Glycerine present in our soaps being a humectants,  draws moisture to itself  which results in drops of water on the surface.
Please understand that when you receive your soaps during humid weather conditions, some of the soaps and wrappers may be damp or wrinkled from the natural "sweat" of the soaps.
There is nothing wrong with your soap and it is not melting, it's just the glycerin and other natural humectants doing their job.
Sweating is a sign of a good, moisturizing soap.

Why are SNL moisturizers oily ?

At SNL, we make moisturisers using pure, natural , genuine butters and oils which are by nature, oily. However we have added other ingredients to give you a more silky feel. If you live in a place with high humidity, we recommend you using this product when indoors or using a very small amount when outdoors.


Why do SNL moisturizers melt ?

As the main portion of the moisturizer is butter, its melting point is very low, hence melting in hot climates. However, this does not affect its properties. Just refrigerate it for a few minutes. If it gets too  hard, do not  worry, it will just melt when in contact with your skin.


How can I get the best out of  SNL body scrubs ?

We always recommend cleansing your skin first with one of our soaps and then using the body scrubs. Take a few tablespoons of the scrub and massage it well into your skin, focusing on problem areas like the abdomen, buttocks, things and back of the legs and arms. Let it work on you skin a few minutes and just rinse and pat dry. Follow up with a gentle application of SNL body butter. Do this at bedtime if possible and wake up to wonderful satiny soft skin.


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at skinsensenatural@gmail.com









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