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Intense Moisturization For the Face


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This Intensive Face Butter restores a radiant tone and supple texture to the skin with the power of Palmarosa and other botanicals.

Palmarosa essential oil is known for its host of skin care benefits. Now this powerful botanical oil minimizes the signs of aging such as hyper-pigmentation and fine lines , while strengthening skin to prevent future damage from the sun and free radicals.  It harnesses the power of plant extracts and minerals to cleanse and brighten your skin and reduce dark under-eye circles too.


Ideal for these Concerns:  Free radical/ UV damage, Aging skin, blemishes, rough, dull and parched skin, hyper-pigmentation, dark under-eye circles, age spots.
Suitable for skin types : Aging skin, Mature skin, Dry skin, Normal skin
Key Ingredient: Vitamin A, Vitamin E , Antioxidants, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, nutritive fruit and nut oils, Minerals, Palmarosa and other essential oil blend.
Application Area: Face and neck. 
Weight : 40gms


How to use - Best used at bedtime on cleansed skin. Massage gently into damp skin and leave overnight.

This is an Intense treatment and will be oily. To lighten the texture, mix with rose water to make an emulsion.


STORAGE - As this contains no preservatives, use a clean spoon to take out the contents and never put fingers directly into the tub. You may store it in the refrigerator if your room temperature is too high and the product melts. 
Since there are no preservatives, please use within 4-5 months.


GOOD TO KNOW - Although this butter has a high melt point, because of its pure nature, in transport or leaving it in a very warm place will result in the butters melting. If this happens, we recommend that you mix the oils thoroughly and then immediately store in a refrigerator. Remove after an hour or so once it hardens and store in a cool place.
If you keep the butter refrigerated, it will be hard at the time of use. These pure  butters however melt at body temperature, so rub a small amount between your fingers to melt it before application. 


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