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Abhyanga snana ritual gift box with massage oil, herbal powder and brass bowl for ayurvedic self massage
Ayurvedic hair, face and body massage oil and fragrant ubtan


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Every auspicious day, festival and yes, Diwali starts with this all important morning warm oil massage with fragrant oil and ubtan. Our launch of this Abhyanga box is with this in mind, made with the purest of fresh ingredients, in small batches so you experience and reap the maximum benefits with every use.


Abhyanga Snana Ritual Box
contains  -

ABHA - Body Massage Oil 
Perfect to use on Hair, Face and Body.
This is not just another oil. We think its THE massage oil. Formulated after months of experimentation and testing to bring you an oil that's deeply nourishing, moving like silk for restful massage with a pleasant soothing aroma. 

Made following  Ayurvedic tradition with organic cold-pressed oils of sesame, almond, castor, black seed, desi ghee (all edible, pure, oils) infused with herbs ashwagangha, bala, gotu kala, arjuna, guduchi, patchouli and frankinsense resin, to name a few. 
We truly believe it's an oil worth it's weight in gold.
Each box contains a whole 100ml bottle of ABHA oil.

DHANYA - Body Cleansing Dust 
Great to use on Face and Body.
An ubtan that's made with a greater proportion of nourishing premium aromatic ingredients like organic green cardamoms, anantamul, vetiver, rose, wild turmeric and lotus petals to name but a few. 

Also with organic green gram, medicinal indian clay, organic fennel, mulethi; this highly aromatic, softly exfoliating powder will cleanse your skin just right to reveal glowing, hydrated and moisturized skin.
Each box contains a large 120gms bottle of DHANYA cleansing dust.

Brass Bowl  
To warm the oil and mix the cleansing powder.

All made as per ayurvedic principles and recipes.
The brass bowl (as was followed in ancient times) enhances the energy of the oil and paste mixed in it.
Housed in a beautiful handmade 7" x 7" box.

Suitable for all skin types.
Suitable for women and men.



Practiced for over 5000 years, the Abhyanga or self-massage with medicated oils and herbs helps nourish the skin and enhance the immune system.

Self-massage, as the name suggests, is the act of massaging your body yourself, spending at least fifteen minutes on your massage each time, as you gently nourish it with warm ABHA Body massage oil.

Leave it on for a few more minutes before you apply DHANYA Body Cleansing Dust to scrub, unclog and further massage every pore in your skin and to remove excess oil.

To finally bringing forth beautifully nourished and hydrated skin and a body that feels light and peaceful.

Stay healthy at home. 




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