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Calm , Steady and Strong

We live in a fast paced world where days pass into months and months into years  at the blink of an eye. Premature ageing , greying, hair loss and wrinkling are common issues plaguing many and these can start primarily due to stress and/or unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Major culprits are smoking, alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, self-medication, fad diets, not getting adequate sleep, inability to sleep and unhealthy food choices.

Adult acne is another common skin problem. This could sometimes occur due to hormonal changes in the body and/or improper digestion and gut health.

Here are somethings you might consider adopting to help you stay healthy and fit at the mind and body level, and at the same time, help bring about a natural glowing skin. 



By far, yoga is the safest and most effective form of mind-body exercise. It is the only form wherein the whole mind-body-breath complex works together, unlike other forms of exercise where only certain parts of the body are involved. Best learnt under a qualified instructor, yoga asanas and pranayama techniques will help you keep your body supple, mind calm, breath even and skin toned, healthy and glowing.

Some popular asanas would include -
Surya Namaskar - sun salutation
Bhujangasana - cobra pose
Adho mukha swanasana - downward facing dog pose
Uttanasana - forward bend
Ustrasana - Camel pose
Halasana - Plow pose
Sarvangasana - shoulder stand 
Savasana - corpse pose

Pranayama and Meditation to conclude.

Mudra held during pranayama will be effective too.  

2. Exercise Daily

Apart from yoga, go for long brisk walks everyday. This will get you the much needed fresh air and add a healthy glow and color to your face. 

3. Drink lots of water 

Start your day with lukewarm water with lemon and honey helps detoxify your system. It also keeps your skin clear and healthy. 

4. Choose health while eating

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried or junk food and excessively sweet or spicy foods. Also, choose a diet suitable to your constitution depending on your body type: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. 

5. Get adequate rest

When your body is well rested, it automatically shows on your skin and your craving for foods is greatly reduced. Try to get at least eight hours of good sleep

6. Use natural

Use natural, ayurvedic skincare and homemade fruit packs. Go for weekly body massages with suitable oil.

7. Lastly - Always Smile

The more you smile, the more muscles you activate in your face, keeping it toned, healthy and glowing.




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