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Who Won The Race ? The Hare Or The Tortoise ?

Who Won the Race ? Which One Are You ?

Which One Are You ?


I get many many emails from customers asking for suggestions on improving their skin health. And, somewhere in that exchange there's always this comment - 'but I have no time to do that. My days are packed. I have so many things going on at the same time..' And invariably, there's a mention of some health issue plaguing them. This is all too common in the current scenario. Everyone is in a hurry, everyday, all the time. But is this helping us ? How much are we really benefiting from packing our days with activities and multitasking ?

We need to SLOW DOWN.

Even when we have lots of things to do, by tackling one thing at a time, we can greatly reduce stress and hurry.

Doing many things together has never been one of my strong points and I've always stuck to my way of working and doing things at my pace, much to the chagrin of those around me. Then one day I was gifted this book - TAKE YOUR TIME By EKNATH EASWARAN and it was nice to finally hear someone of authority saying -Slow Down, Slow down. Do one thing at a time. Savor the moments, Relish everything life has to offer by Focusing on One thing at a time. 

Here are some steps he's mentioned to Slow Down, and I've very briefly stated them. Those of you interested to read more, do get his book.

  1. Give yourself more time - Get up a little earlier everyday. Make the time for a quiet sit-down peaceful breakfast. 
  2. Don't crowd your day - The desire to fit too much into a fixed span of time is pervasive, and technology adds to this pressure. We simply have to stop trying to do everything possible. It is important to realize that we can't read everything, can't keep ourselves entertained evey available moment, etc. Make wise choices in everything.
  3. Ask whats important - Realize that you cant do everything. Ask yourself ' what do I want to do? What is important? '
  4. Take time for relationships - Personal relationships are often the first casualties in a speeded-up way of life. Be it with your loved one, children or friend.
  5. Take time for reflection - Taking time to pause now and then is not only part of slowing down, it is one of the rewards, because it adds to efficiency and effectiveness in any walk of life.
  6. Dont let yourself get hurried - A speeded-up mind only gets in the way. 
  7. Cultivate patience - Patience is one of life's unsung virtues. It is the very heart of love. This is the best insurance against all kinds of emotional and physical problems.
  8. Slow down your mind - 'A mind that is fast is sick. A mind that is slow is sound. A mind that is still is divine.' 

'An unhurried mind brings the capacity to make wise choices  everyday - choices of how we use our time, of where we place our resources and our love. I am not just talking about avoiding the rat race, but about a life full of an artistic beauty - a life that has almost vanished from modern civilization, but is quite within the reach of everyone'  Easwaran.

Find Peace and Purpose in Your Life By Slowing Down

Excerpts from the book Take Your Time By Eknath Easwaran



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