Things To Know About Using Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant  

Natural Deodorants work very differently from the commercially available chemical ones. They work a whole lot BETTER !

But being natural, with a shelf life of 6 months means that you need to use it within that time so it remains fresh and efficient, and a few more things to keep in mind. 

Natural products made without any preservatives are of a consistency that’s unlike conventional ones, pure oils and butters are more prone to melting in warm temperatures without stabilizers and fewer ingredients creates a different formula for deodorant causing the application to look a little different. Also the essential oil aromas make it a more gentle smelling product, unlike synthetic fragrances that are very strong (which is very bad for immune health)

Having said that, without a doubt, the health benefits of switching to a natural deodorant far outweighs any potential downside to it.


Here are a few more things to keep in mind about Natural Deodorants -

  • You're going to be sweating a lot more and you will be happy about that !Using chemical deodorants and anti-perspirants inhibits the body's natural ability to sweat. But sweating is a very important bodily function. Sweat is nothing but the toxins leaving your body. So when you switch over to a natural deodorant, its only function is to neutralize body odors, not block or inhibit it. Hence, you will sweat a lot more. Also the transition from chemical to natural deodorant will purge the existing toxins from your skin and eventually, you will only perspire in a 'normal' regular way. You will eventually start to feel much lighter and you will notice an over all improvement in both skin and health.
  • The deodorant tends to dry ' - Skinsense natural deodorant Dry-Feel formula is made with just the right amount of oils and butters to give you an effective deodorant that neutralizes odor, doesn't stain clothes and keeps you feeling dry. The downside to this is that sometimes the deodorant tends to get dry because of weather conditions and use. But THIS IS CAN BE OVERCOME -

         #1  Add a few drops of any pure warmed oil, mix and it's good to use again.
         #2  If you'd rather not use more oil, then use the deodorant on damp armpits after a shower. This makes the application and stay better, also increasing the dry feel, especially in humid weather.

  • Little goes a long way - Our deodorants are highly concentrated and a little really does go along way. Half to about a pea-size amount is all you need to use. And this will work through the entire day. You do not need to keep reapplying. Use it on damp skin immediately after a shower for maximum effect and benefit.
  • Natural ingredients work differently but they work - the essential oils we use provide for aromatherapy benefits and to act as a preservative. We use anti-bacterial oils to keep you protected safely. Instead of aluminum and pore inhibitors, we use our Dry-feel formula with just the right mount of oils, plant flours and clays to give you a dry comfortable feel. 


You may or may not experience any of these potential issues when transitioning to natural deodorant, but they are easily resolved. Moreover using natural deodorant really does make a big difference to your overall health. Our many happy clients swear by it's effectiveness and benefit and I'm sure you will too. 




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