The Soothing Effects of Terrace Gardening

organic terrace garden

In our increasingly urbanised, high-density, high-pressure and increasingly isolated world, there is growing evidence for a way of mitigating stress, pressure and mental illness. And a way to go about this is right above our heads !

Rooftops are usually unused and unloved spaces. A major percentage of effectively unused spaces are rooftops. Green roofs, retrofit or new build, can help control stormwater run-off, improve air quality, reduce heat effect, increase biodiversity, and provide amenity space.

How does green space affect well-being?

Where and how we live affects our mental health and wellbeing. The benefits of green spaces include:

  • participation in activities that promote social interaction and increase physical exercise.
  • reduced stress and improvements in mood and attention.     


Perhaps less obvious is the positive impact gardening can have on your mental health. Research has shown that gardeners generally have greater life satisfaction, enhanced self-esteem and fewer feelings of depression and fatigue than non-gardeners.

But more than this, the act of gardening can specifically improve people’s moods, a feeling of satisfaction.

It is an effective way to connect with nature, helping us relax and to let go and just be in the present moment, nuturing and caring for the seedlings and saplings. It helps us accept life as it is - from birth to death, everything is a pleasant surprise.

Gardening helps release our happy hormones. Imagine the pleasure of seeing your plants bear fruit or sitting among the plants you've nurtured and enjoying a cup of tea in their midst.

tea in balcony garden

Start growing your own terrace or balcony garden and reap the benefits. Grow aloe vera, herbs and simple plants to start with and you'll soon be hooked. The  satisfaction of  harvesting the yield from your own garden or just seeing it grow everyday is priceless ! 

Get your children involved and let them learn and be see the miracles of nature. Let them learn to care and be responsible for a few plants. Teach them the importance of being out in nature.

When you start seeing butterflies and birds frequenting your garden, you'll feel a happiness that cannot be expressed in words. 

Happy Gardening !





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