Relieving EYE STRAIN The Ayurvedic Way

With everyone home and glued to the television, phones and computer, it's no surprise if many you are experiencing eye strain, heavy , tired and aching eyes, headaches due to this, neck pain, watery eyes and eye irritation.

Simple ways to cure this, the ayurvedic way -

1) Increased heat in the body due to over exposure of the eyes, leads to pain and discomfort. Reduce this heat with regular head massage with oil and abhyanga (full body massage) Do this yourself with sesame oil this season. You can also use our Nourishing hair oil and pack.

2) Sleep well. Avoid sleeping too late, even if it's not a working day the next day.

3) Give yourself a good foot massage with any pure oil before bedtime. This also helps cool your system as the nerve endings are in your feet.

4) A most interesting and soothing way cool your eyes - Night gazing.
Moon and star gazing are said to cool and nourish the eyes. Regular gazing is excellent to reduce stress, increase well being and improve vision. It also counters anxiety, light depression, hairfall due to stress and overall calmness.

5) Wash the eyes frequently with fresh, pure water. Or herb infused water, especially on waking up.

6) Use natural Kajal made of ghee.

7) Reduce time with digital and electronic devices.

Simple solutions with effective results.



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