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Relax your Eyes and Keep Them Bright

Eye care

Our eyes are such an important sense organ. We over-use it , abuse it , everyday and that leads to tired, red, aching eyes. We wake up with tired, puffed eyes sometimes, or for some others dark circles start to develop. 

Here's a simple way to relax and soothe the eyes, while helping to calm and ground you through a rough day. 

The exercise of palming is an effective way to rest the eyes and ease tension in the whole body. It's a common habit for everyone to occasionally cover their eyes with their hands for a period of brief rest.
This exercise of palming is so effective and beneficial that it forms an important part of Yoga, Tibetian and Chinese traditional exercises.

To prevent shoulder tension and ache, your arms should be supported at just the right height to cover your eyes without pressing into them. You can try sitting at a table with pillows propping your arms, hands just reaching to cover your eyes. You can try different positions that work best for you. 

Next, rub your hands together vigorously to make them warm. Close your eyes and cover them with your hands so that the palms are over the eyes, with the fingers on the forehead and extending up to the scalp. Your hands should be a little cupped so that they do not put pressure on the eyeball. 

With your eyes gently covered this way, breathe deeply and  relax. You are now Palming! You can do this for a few minutes through the day, for as many times as you like.


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