Out of Coal Emerges A Diamond


Many might consider my introduction to this post insensitive, but hear me out fully (rather read me out fully ) before coming to any conclusions. 

The more I think and contemplate, the more I'm convinced that maybe we are, in fact, in a good time in life. We have been forced to put a brake on everything. Everything. This would definitely not have happened any other way. 


We are surviving without junk food. We are eating better and healthier, eating meals cooked at home lovingly by a family member. This, in itself is pure tonic to the body .(as stated in ayurveda)

We do not need another footwear, or that newly launched phone or curved screen television. We do not need that new tee that's suddenly in vogue. We all have enough and more lying unused or under-used.

Household chores are being shared among family members, we are speaking and interacting more than before with those in our family and others close to us.

We are finding pleasant ways to enjoy friday, saturday nights and weekends, realizing more satisfaction and joy in them. 

We are all making the effort to exercise and stay fit and healthy.

Many of us are using the time to look inward, to identify whats truly important and necessary in life.

We are all seeing the world around us change and actually just living one day at a time. Because today is all we know.

The following extract from Daaji Kamlesh Patel's book - Designing Destiny The Heartfulness Way - summarizes all this perfectly, and was, in fact, what prompted me to write this post.

"One day he (Mulla Nasruddin, a Turkish Satirist tying to demonstrate a thought to his followers) was seated on his donkey, rushing through the marketplace. Followers and friends tried to hail him to chat every few meters, but he kept going faster and faster, replying, 'I can't stop to talk now. Can't you see I am busy ? I'm looking for my donkey !' 

This captures the human predicament. It is critical to slow down; it is critical to have time for those around us, and enjoy the beauties of life; it is critical to become conscious of the search and of ourselves as the seekers. So pause and try to remain poised, especially when everyone is rushing around you and there is pressure. Go into your heart, feel your center and recalibrate yourself. "

Because, we All, always have everything we need right under our nose. We just never see it. We are swayed by glitz, glamour, media, news and words of people who do not have our true interest at heart. 

This forced slow down seems to be Natures way to help us cure ourselves from ourself.

Yes, there are many not as fortunate as us, many casualties and sadly all that's part of this human life we lead. Maybe now is the time to rise spiritually, to develop and reach our next higher level of this human existence. 

So many are finding true happiness in these turbulent times. Hope you are one of them too.

Out of Coal emerges a Diamond.






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