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Learn To Accept and Love Yourself.

Accepting and Loving yourself JUST AS YOU ARE, is true strength. And in these trying times now, we need all the support we can get from all angles.
This is true for both genders.

Be true to yourself. Do not follow what the media and news says you should look like or what kind of body you should have. A healthy, fit body is most important. 

There is a misconception that if you're slim and beautiful, you'll be happy and satisfied. But the truth is, majority of the slim and beautiful people are the most unhappy and dissatisfied. 

Happiness and satisfaction is an inside job. Health , Fitness, Confidence and Knowing Your True Self, is what brings you what you need.

Here's some inspiration and support from Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger - Ankita Chaturvedi . 

Thank you for your strength and inspiration Ankita.

Body confidence with Corallistablog


From Ankita's post - "Just to remind you (and myself) that putting on weight is not the worst thing that could happen at a time like this. The situation we are in right now is unprecedented, there are some days when I’m eating healthy, working out, and some days when I make 5-minute noodles and don’t want to get off the sofa. REMEMBER - Love your body for what it does, not for what it looks like.
How are you all feeling? 👋🏼 

Edit // needed to add this here - this post is not about not exercising, or not taking care of your health. This is about body confidence, body image. I exercise because I love my body, because I love how it helps me feel more energetic and mentally healthier, NOT because I want to be thin. The ability to hold yourself in high esteem, even when you are not at your best, that’s real self-love and that’s what I aspire to. 


Hear her talk - How I learned to love my body.



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