The A to Z on Natural Deodorants

Benefit from Natural Deodorant Use

Natural Deodorants are a boon to those who require regular deodorant use. We are all, by now familiar with the downside to chemical dowsed commercially available deodorants and are happy to move over to a natural variant.

Thought natural , there are a few things to be aware of when using one, and this applies to any natural product. 'Natural' ingredients has 'natural compounds' in it and certain people maybe sensitive to even that. So its important to be aware of what works for your body and what doesn't.

Here are a few things good to know about Natural Deodorants -

  • ' I'm sweating a lot! ' - Using chemical deodorants and anti-perspirants inhibits the body's natural ability to sweat. And sweating is a very important bodily function. Sweat is nothing but the toxins leaving your body. So when you switch over to a natural deodorant, its only function is to neutralize body odors, not block or inhibit it. Hence, you will sweat a lot more. Also the transition from chemical to natural deodorant will purge the existing toxins from your skin and eventually, you will only perspire in a 'normal' regular way.
  • ' My armpits are getting dark ' - Underarm darkening happens in rare cases when someone is sensitive to soda bicarbonate. This is not painful or irreversible but can be quite disturbing. To offset and reduce this pigmentation, use a scrub made with lemon juice and sugar and scrub into the armpits. The lightening effects of the lemon will reduce and eventually rid the pigmentation , so you can continue using the deodorant. Or, stop using the deodorant for a few days for the pigmentation to subside then continue use along with the regular lemon scrub. 
  • ' My armpits developed a red itchy rash ' - This could happen because of any of the following reasons - 
        #1  Check that you are using a safe, natural detergent for washing your clothes. Many a times, the residue from detergents combines with the perspiration and the deodorant and results in armpit rash. Change your detergent and you'll hopefully see the rash going away and/or not recurring. 
         #2 Some people who are very allergic to soda bicarbonate develop this rash. In such cases, an apple cider rinse (1:1 ratio with water) during shower before using the deodorant, will help avoid the rash by making your skin more alkaline . If that doesn't work, it's best to stop using it. 


This covers most of the known issues related to Natural Deodorants. If there is anything more you would like to add or tell me, please email me at the contact  .






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