How To Get The Best From A Face Pack

Lady resting with face pack

We all love to use different face packs.

Most of us just wash our face, mix the pack and apply, or we use it straight out of the box, slathering it onto the face and going about our work. Suddenly we remember the pack we have on and run to wash it off. 

Well, I guess this is one way to use a pack, but definitely not the most effective.


So let’s go through the process of how to get the most of a face pack. 



Cleansing – Very very crucial. If you have make-up on, first remove that fully. Then the face and neck area should be cleaned with a good cleanser that further takes off any remnants of make-up, dust , dirt and grime.



Massage – A light facial massage is effective to get the blood circulation going and the further open up the pores so the nourishment from the pack can work its miracle into the skin. Do this massage on damp skin after cleansing. Use 2-3 drops of a simple oil depending on your skin type and gently  massage the face and neck.

For Dry skin – sesame oil

For Oily / combination skin – sunflower oil or almond oil

For Sensitive skin – almond oil 

Rinse with lukewarm water and little cleanser once done.  



Applying the Pack / Mask – Now with the skin cleansed and massaged, its ready for the pack. Mix the pack as per instructions, apply all over face and neck. Apply light facial steam for a few minutes (5-10 min)  to help the pack infuse its nourishment into the skin.

When using a mask, we recommend you lie down flat, comfortably. This helps to not only bring circulation to the area, but also prevents the skin from being stressed by gravity and facial movements and also helps you to take a few moments for quiet contemplation and meditation. 

Put an alarm if you need to.

Some packs can be left till it dries on the skin, some are to be removed before it dries. For oily skins, it can be left to dry.



Finishing  – To remove the pack, rinse gently with cool or lukewarm water. Finish with a splash of rose water. A few drops of oil can be gently applied to the face and neck to seal the nourishment in.


AVOID Sun exposure after this procedure for at least an hour or two.


Following these steps will ensure you get the maximum out of your pack. Think of it as a time for rest and self-care...

and you WILL definitely see the positive results.










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