How Natural Is Natural Skincare ?

Natural ingredients

The degrees of Natural differ. 
Starting with the most raw, organic version of something naturally occurring in nature, being unrefined, unprocessed and pure to being processed and  deodorized. An example of this would be raw,  unrefined butters and oils such as shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil, to name a few. These oils are cold-pressed and filtered, and that's the extent of their processing. Almost everyone would define this as something natural.

There are many naturally occurring ingredients which are refined and processed.
This is sometimes done with as cold-pressing or filtration. There are methods of processing such as bleaching or deodorizing where a chemical substance is used to achieve the desired effect. The end product is something which many would call natural, however, it has been chemically altered in what many will define as an unnatural or chemical process.Here the product is now chemically contaminated.

Let's consider the case of an everyday oil like coconut oil.
Most would consider virgin, unrefined and cold-pressed coconut oil to be quite natural, and it is. Fractionated coconut oil however, has been chemically treated and altered with heat resulting in a refined, clarified, deodorized oil. Some may consider fractionated coconut oil to be natural however, we now know its not. 


Coconut oil

There are many natural ingredients which are synthetically processed, altering their structure but still sold as the natural ingredient.
The most common one here is Aloe Vera. Aloe is a very delicate ingredient. It does not stand well against heat or chemical substances. However, it is being processed and mixed with waxes, thickeners ,gels, colors, fragrances, preservatives and sold as pure ,natural aloe vera. This product has no percentage of the initial Aloe vera. 
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And there are many more such altering processes that change an ingredient from being Natural.


The Best Types of Natural Ingredients for Skin

There are good and bad natural ingredients. Knowing them is being informed -

  • Original, unaltered plant and nut oils are a beautifully rich source of essential fatty acids, micro nutrients, and antioxidants for all skin types especially for dry skin conditions.
  • Natural vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants to boost skin’s environmental defenses. Get these from plant sources. 
  • Amino acids, types of algae, aloe, and dozens of other non-fragrant plant extracts can hydrate, protect against moisture loss, soften discolorations, and help shield skin from the visible effects of pollution.
  • Foods, from fruits to grains to omega fatty acids and vegetables, are also great for hydrating and defending skin, not to mention the additional soothing and replenishing benefits from omega acids.

The basic fact is: The best natural ingredients for skin are the ones that don’t produce a fragrance of any kind. Whether natural or synthetic, fragrance is an irritant for everyone’s skin.


Many mainstream and otherwise natural , beauty brands are riding on the natural trend wave, by creating formulas which are synthetic and natural-ingredient combinations.
And calling them Natural skincare. Customers want moisturizers that heal dry skin, that's not to be oily or sticky. This makes it necessary to create and use oils and butters that are fractionated and altered. You get a beautifully packaged, fragrant moisturizing product that's neither natural nor heals dry skin completely, but is non-sticky.

At the other extreme, there are fully synthetic ingredients.
An example of this would be parabens and most of the preservatives. These ingredients are created  in a laboratory and have no ties to nature. 


The basic fact is: Few skincare products really qualify as “all natural.” 
Any water-based, gel-based  product requires preservatives to keep it safe from contaminants that could cause serious problems for your skin.
Some brands use natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract but, till date, no natural preservatives have proven as effective as synthetic preservatives. This is the difference between eating home cooked food and frozen meals.


How Skinsense-Natural Luxury Skincare Defines Natural

Skinsense Natural Luxury skincare includes DIRECT natural ingredients in ALL of our products. The ingredients we use are not only Purely Natural but also Food quality. When we say Natural, we mean un-alterred , un-fractionated, non-deodorised oils, butters and other ingredients.  We do not manufacture water-based or gel-based products, hence do not require the use of skin irritating preservatives, natural or otherwise.
Our approach to making skincare with ONLY natural ingredients enables us to create a full line of exceptionally effective, safe skincare products that offer solutions for all skin types and concerns, from acne to wrinkles.

Nature has a lot to offer your skin, and we ensure to get it straight to you.




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