Glowing Inside and Out

We get a lot of queries on skincare issues, and rightly so, and the most frequently asked question is - " I want my skin to glow. What should I use ? " and many other queries relate to dark spots and acne.

Our reply is always this -
" It's never just what you put on your skin, you need to back it up with healthy foods habits and a little exercise - yoga being the best. " I know many are never really satisfied with this response but how do you prove to someone that in order to GLOW outwardly, you need to treat your insides too - body and mind?

So here's an article from Glamour magazine, a first person experience about this very issue.

Healthy skin requires a lifestyle change. De-stress with yoga and meditation and use our potent natural products to help boost your Glow quotient!

What a Month of Meditation Did for My Skin—and My Entire Life, Honestly




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