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DIY Home Facial

DIY home facial

Lets do a Home Facial Routine today!

First tie up your hair, getting it out of your face.

Use your favourite cleanser or a natural soap and throughly clean your face.

Take a few drops of any pure oil , be it virgin olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, apricot oil or sesame oil.
Warm it gently between your fingers and apply on your face.
Sit back, relax and gently massage your face using upward and circular movements.
Massage also, your under chin and chest.

Use your favourite mask * or make a simple one -
Option 1 - mix partially powdered oats with milk and honey.
Option 2 - mix Bengal gram flour with yogurt, turmeric and honey
Option 3 - mix rice flour with cream, turmeric and honey.

Apply this mask and lie down or relax, allowing the mask to dry.
Once dry, gently, with circular and rolling hand movements, remove the mask.
Rinse with water finally, pat dry.

Use your favourite mask or -
Option 1 - mashed banana and honey
Option 2 - mashed avocado
Option 3 - just pure raw honey
Option 4 - natural aloe vera, almond oil and honey.
Apply on skin and do a facial stream, if possible. Relax for 20min to an hour.
Rinse with plain water, pat dry.
Finish with a splash of rose water.

Lastly, moisturize to seal in the freshness.
Use your favourite moisturizer or a few drops of your favourite pure oil on damp skin.

That's it. You're done!
You're skin will be clear, supple and hydrated.

Enjoy your Sunday!   
* our face cleansers can be used as an exfoliating mask too, especially the Ranawara+Mulethi . 




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