Celebrating a Nourishing Holi with Homemade Colors

natural colors
Celebrating the festival of color is loads of fun, and it's a lot more fun when you know you don't have to worry about toxins, stained skin and rough hair after. 

Opt for chemical-free colors to play with, especially if it's going to be a wet holi. Lots of natural gulals are available in the market, so look carefully while buying.

you can make your own safe colors at home -

For Yellow - Mix turmeric with a little flour (maida or besan).
For  Green - Mix rajasthani henna with flour.
For Red - Grate and blend a beetroot in a blender. 
For Burgundy - Mix red sandalwood with flour.
For Pink - Boil onion skins in water
For Brown - Mix coffee with flour or water.
For Blue - Use jacaranda flowers  boiled in water.
These colors are actually good for the skin as each helps nourish the skin in different ways.

If you buy your gulals from a store, oil your hair and skin with pure coconut or sesame oil so its protected and helps keep the colors from staining your skin.

Wear nail paint on your nails to keep them from discoloring.

Keep ice and cold water in the refrigerator for any emergencies.

Finally keep a good body scrub ready in the bathroom for the final clean-up.  A simple one could be just a mix of rice flour, oil, milk, lemon and a pinch of camphor. 

After this you'd want to relax with friends and family over a nice hot meal.

For the day after -
1 - Pamper your hair with a good nourishing oil and a pack the next day.
2 - Use intensive moisturizers for hydration.


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