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Benefits of Abhyanga Snana - Ayurveda Prescribed Oil Massage

oil masssage

Ayurvedic self-massage and cleansing of the body with warm oil and herbal powder, is a practice that is both comforting and healing.

It is an important part of dincharya (ayurvedic daily routines to be followed) and it is recommended to give yourself one before you have a bath every morning to balance all the doshas, relieve fatigue and increase stamina and purge the body and skin of ama (toxins).

Practiced for over 5000 years, the Abhyanga or self-massage with medicated oils and herbs helps nourish the skin and enhance the immune system.

It also -

- Improves circulation and lymph drainage

- Promotes deep sleep and relaxation

- Increases energy

- Improves health of the musculoskeletal and nervous system

- Makes skin softer, stronger more nourished

- Improves vision

- Helps age gracefully

- Makes hair lustrous

- Makes limbs strong and fit

- Improves the tone and vigor of body tissues

- Nourishment for the entire body

Self-massage, as the name suggests, is the act of massaging your body yourself, spending at least fifteen minutes on your massage each time, devoting love and attention to each part of the body as you gently nourish it with warm ABHA Body massage oil. Leave it on for a few more minutes before you apply DHANYA Body Cleansing Dust, a herbal bath powder with the right amount of soft exfoliation to scrub, unclog and further massage every pore in your skin and to remove excess oil.

Finally bringing forth beautifully nourished and hydrated skin and a body that feels light and peaceful.

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