Anti-Aging or Aging Gracefully ?

Remember stories and legends about the mythical Fountain of Youth? We all have over the ages. Everyone wants to stay young forever! Staying young at heart is one thing, but trying to preserve youth and wanting to look youthful forever is another thing all-together. 

(This painting by Austrian artist Eduard Veith shows a scene at the mythical Fountain of Youth. Throughout history, people have sought magical ways to restore their youth.)***

But the fact and reality is that we are aging right now and one day (if we are lucky enough to get that far) we will be old. And it's also time to acknowledge that there is no such thing as 'Anti-Aging' but there is definitely such a thing as Aging Gracefully ! 

We must love our aging bodies as they represent all the life lived and wisdom earned and learned. It's a body full of experiences and stories and all the love given and received. 

We must acknowledge that everyone ages differently but also acknowledge that  we all want to radiate with that youthful glow. You've seen them, those amazing women in their late 50s glowing with health, calm and energy. This is the youthful Glow we should aim at. 

And how does one get and maintain this glow? By living a healthy balanced life. It means taking care of your body, eating right, exercising regularly, reducing stress and anxiety, spending time in nature and taking care of your skin with soothing, nourishing products that keep your skin hydrated, provides the vital nutrients and minerals your skin needs for optimal functioning and is free of chemicals and preservatives.

Living a life like this is to age gracefully , to have a healthy, vibrant full life. 

So by all means purchase that anti-aging natural products for your skin, but you now know that you need to do more than just this to get that youthful glow. And that 'more' is something you cannot buy but can definitely CREATE for yourself!

Join that yoga class that you've been postponing, change your diet, eat healthier options, spend more time in nature... and let's all age gracefully and beautifully.

      (Image - Nafisa Ali, 61, Media Indicine)


 ***Picture and description from The Fountain of Youth from The National Geographic 



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