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Handmade Natural Skincare


We make all our products using tried and tested combinations of a few simple, yet potent, natural ingredients

We draw the essence of nature into our skin and our being

At Skinsense - Natural Luxury, we make Skinfood



After using your face and body products for the past 7 years, I understand what it means to pamper yourself with products that immediately wipes away any stress you may have and make you feel refreshed !

SHAILA VIKRAM , Counsellor / Teacher

Your products have been part of my skincare regime for almost 8 years now and love every product and experience. My most special best wishes to Rashmi for her commitment, dedication and authenticity. Have tried many products but always gravitate back to the Face butter and Body Butters

RAMA RAGAVAN , Naturalist

My mother has started using the lavender powder and she has started seeing a difference with the prickly heat coming down. The neem soap also has helped me tackle the excessive oiliness on my face without drying it. Totally my entire family is now a fan of Skinsense NL and your products never disappoint us :-) 

PRIYANKA KANNAN, College student

Have used all the Skinsense NL soaps for a while now with a personal favorite being Goat Milk Honey. My kids love the chocolate soaps - a bath time treat. Going natural with the Skinsense body line is me 'taking care of myself' and it feels absolutely great. The soaps are my go to for presents for friends as well. 

SHARON SUARES, Illustrator / Graphic designer

I have been a regular user of Skinsense-Natural Luxury's range of soaps for sometime now and my absolute favourites are Nagarmotha and Narangi Madhu


I've tried a lot of brands, high end brands, organic brands, but this was the first one that really made an impact after the first few days. With the Facial cleansers like Tejas, Skin bright, I noticed a difference after the first use. Skin feels so much younger. I just wanted to write to you about your amazing products I discovered over a year ago. When I started using SNL products, I could see my skin repairing itself from years of neglect. I encouraged my daughter to use SNL and she is also seeing results. Thank you!

DIANA NAVEEN, Managing Director- Nalla Silks

Used your products. Shows great results in a few usages itself. My skin feels refreshed and soft after using Tulsi Neem Haldi soap. Non-soap facial cleanser too is great. Very happy with your products :-) :-) 


 Just wanted to let you know that the Non-soap cleansers are awesome. I especially like the Skin Bright and Skin Sensitive. I don't think I'll ever go back to using facewash  on my face again.


I love your products especially the body scrubs, makes me feel like Cleopatra indulging in a luxurious bath. The most appealing aspect of SNL product is that it is completely natural. Its delicious enough to eat! I fell in love with your patchouli and nagarmotha soaps. You put in a lot of love and passion into making your products and managing SNL. I will never stop buying your products. 

VARSHA AIYER, Classical dancer / Educationalist

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